Chiropractic Benefits For Children

First thoughts of chiropractic care usually evoke images of adults having their neck or back treated. This is indeed most common, but certainly not the rule. Some chiropractors, in fact, don’t work with adults at all. There are those who become pediatric chiropractors.

Pediatric dentists, doctors, and surgeons practice because children need specialized care, and different treatments need to be applied than that given adults. These different needs inspire many practitioners to become pediatric chiropractors. Procedures are variable, adjusting to a patient’s weight and height, as part of appropriate application. Expert procedures appropriate for children are the pediatric chiropractor’s specialty.

When Children Need Chiropractic Care

The reasons a child may need pediatric chiropractic care can be many. There are children born with spinal problems. Trauma experienced through the process of birthing can cause cranial misalignment. Some parents have their newborn and/or toddlers observed by the pediatric DC to insure spinal alignment during early childhood. And, frequently, care from a pediatric DC can help children sleep better, and reduce chronic infection tendencies.

Just as people often come for treatment after trauma, such as a fall, or car accident, children too, have traumas from bike and skateboard accidents. In some cases, these traumas may cause spinal misalignment.

Also, MD’s may refer a child to chiropractic care when other modes of treating issues such as allergies, asthma, colic, and ear infections fail.

How Pediatric Chiropractors Help

Parents may wonder how chiropractic can help their children, particularly when the condition of concern seems to have nothing to do with the spine. Parents are then reminded that the spine is a column protecting the spinal cord- and the spinal cord is the governor of the whole nervous system.

Regulation of respiratory, circulatory, hormonal, digestive, eliminative and immune systems comes from the brain/body messaging through the spinal cord.
Spinal misalignment can mean a spinal cord hindered in its effective healthy directives to the symptomatic areas of concern.

This is why parents end up at the pediatric chiropractor for their children’s allergies, asthma, and other seeming non-spinal concerns.

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Benefits Chiropractic Patients Have Experienced

  • Auto Accident Rehabilitation
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Recovery From Trauma
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Improved Sleep
  • Relief From Headaches
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Postural Correction
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Stress Reduction


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