Anndora L.

"I discovered Dr. Dizon via Yelp. I was in a car accident in February 2011 - yep, should've post this a LONG time ago. Didn't think too much of it till I started getting neck pain and eventually tingling in my arms...I decided to seek chiropractic care but needed to find a new doctor (long story).  Any way, Yelp reviews led me to Sycamore Chiropractic.

Dr. Dizon, after a quick but thorough consultation, asked me if I was looking a certain way when the crash happened, asked if I had these other symptoms etc.  He told me what was wrong, what was out of alignment etc. - there were things that I didn't realize were caused by the crash that I had attributed to other things. About 4-6 visits later, I was better than new!

Dr. Dizon is friendly, caring and professional.  He wants you to truly get better(!) - its not just an endless string of visits.

The update - I recently started seeing Dr. Dizon again.  A few months ago, I started volunteering, two days a week, as a SCUBA diver at a local aquarium. I wear an approximately 30 lb. weight belt, plus all the equipment I wear or use, kinda takes a toll on the body.  So, various symptoms cropped up and I was calling Sycamore Chiropractic again.  Dr. Dizon to the rescue.  I happened to catch him on a day he was not normally there - thank you potentially new patient who decided to flake.  He fit me into his schedule, thank goodness!, and even stayed late to wait when I got stuck in traffic."

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Benefits Chiropractic Patients Have Experienced

  • Auto Accident Rehabilitation
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Recovery From Trauma
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Improved Sleep
  • Relief From Headaches
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Postural Correction
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Stress Reduction


I would recommend Dr. Dizon to anyone who needs a chiropractor. He is a professional and genuinely wants to help people. - Dr. Ganji - Los Angeles Dentist

As someone who runs a construction company and dealing with back pain I come to rely on Dr. Dizon for treatment when I am in the Bay Area - Sara Peretz - Los Angeles Insulation Contractor

Dr. Dizon is great chiropractor, if you need back adjustments I would say check him out. - Lasik Doctor in San Diego